Superfoods International (Pty) Ltd (S.I.) specializes in the procurement and distribution of Superfoods:

  • in raw ingredient form to manufacturers of value-added products
  • in raw ingredient form as packaged retail products to distributors
  • as components to S.I. value-added Superfood products distributed and retailed under the Foodprint™ brand via distributor chain outlets and on-line retail.
    • Foodprint™ is a part of the Superfoods International (Pty) Ltd group of companies.

S.I. defines Superfood as a Real food:

  • containing gram-for-gram an exceptionally high concentration of all-natural bio-available essential nutrients viz. vitamins, minerals, enzymes, all essential amino acids for human protein synthesis, and anti-oxidants.
  • naturally grown in diverse eco-systems by small farmers/custodians via developing and fostering fair sustainable partnerships with networks of small farmers (out-growers) thereby creating fair value exchange from grower to end-user.
  • unadulterated by any chemical and/or high heat mechanical means
  • delivering Real unadulterated beneficial essential nutrients to the human body resulting in increased energy, vitality and physical and emotional well-being thus empowering individuals and greater society through optimum nutrition.

In today’s modern lifestyle it is essential to have access to high quality Real Foods.

We believe that true inner and outer beauty and well-being stems from a resonance between Optimum Nutrition, Exercise and Knowledge particularly relating to dietary and exercise Lifestyle choices.

By keeping our formulations simple and uncluttered and working with clean, pure, functional, organic ingredients we manage to capture wholesome nature for all of our customers in a wide variety of tasty easy-to-use highly nutritious products.

All our products are produced and packaged at an FSSC / ISO22 000 accredited facility.

All sweetened value-added products use organic moringa leaf powder-enriched honey concentrate instead of sugar or other toxic sweeteners.

The 100% water-soluble moringa/honey concentrate is produced by a proprietary non-invasive natural process which removes the bitter taste of the moringa whilst maintaining and concentrating the already impressive nutrient content of Moringa Leaf Powder.

Superfoods International companies are operated by dedicated and qualified teams of directors whose expertise covers the disciplines of:

Superfood product development / Food technology / Medical bio-chemistry / Nutrition / Botany / Aquaponics / Economic & Social development / International Marketing / Foreign Strategic alliance partners / Academic oversight / Information Technology / Financial / Fitness Coaching / Human and Animal Dietary Health

Via our network of companies, We manage the value chain from soil to shelf whilst ensuring fair-value exchange for all involved starting with small Rural African Farmers and culminating  in highly nutritious life-enhancing beneficial food products for discerning health conscious customers.